Winning Gold: 4 Types of Coins and Bars Ideal for Awards

Watching Olympians win gold can bring up a lot of envy for viewers back home. If you are hosting a competition or event, it's natural to want to award winners with the same type of prestigious medal. While gold medals are valued at $600 for their raw material alone, there are plenty of alternative options to give out as awards. Keeping up with the theme of gold, you can visit a gold buyer and seller to purchase special gold coins and bars. These small tokens come in a variety of designs and can help add a special memento to any type of award ceremony. As you plan out these different awards, there are four types of coins and bars that fit with the award theme and can be used at all types of events. Browse through each one and see which one fits best with your planned awards.

Gold-Coin Pendants

A number of gold coins are elegant, are small, and feature intricate designs. If you want these designs to be similar to the Olympic gold medals, then you can shop for gold-coin pendants. These pendants have been transformed into a necklace design that features the gold coin front and center. You can purchase the pendants with a number of gold-coin designs. For example, there are number of pedants designed with the American gold eagle coin. The face value of these coins range from $5 to $50, allowing you to choose pendant designs that fit within your specific budget range.

One-Gram Gold Bar

Celebrate first place at your event with a large number one imprinted on a gold bar. The one-gram gold bar is a solid piece of gold that typically features the number one imprinted on a majority of the designs. A gold bar is a great award that can be saved for years and that could possibly increase in value over time. Along with the solid-gold bars, some releases feature designs and pictures imprinted on them. If you have a bigger budget, then you can consider the larger and more expensive one-ounce gold bar.

Colorized Gold Coins

Award designs are typically fun novelties that people can cherish for numerous years. You can choose a fun design by selecting a colorized gold coin for your award winners. Colorized gold coins feature a small layer of paint on the surface of the coin. These coins come in a number of designs that can apply to your event or competition. For example, American coins can be colorized with red, white, and blue stripes. This can make a great award for an athletic event. A number of pop-culture designs are also available as colorized gold coins. More recently, there was a Batman versus Superman set released featuring colorized versions of the heroes. Choose a coin that fits your theme and really makes the award stand out.

Annual Coins and Bars

As you choose gold coins or bars for your event, you should consider the year that is printed on the coin. If your event is held annually, then the printed year on the coin is a great way to showcase when the event was held and honor the person who won it. In the future, the person can easily look back and see what year the prize was won. Each year, mints from all over the world are releasing new series of coins. By contacting a coin buyer, you can find the more recent releases and use them for your event.

Once you decide on the type of award you want to give out, it's easy to order the coin. Gold coin sellers can also help you select special cases and displays to feature the coins in. This can make the award presentation look even more special.

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