What To Do If You'Re Quoted A High Interest Rate For An Auto Loan

Even though you may score a low monthly payment on an auto loan, a high interest rate typically means you'll pay more for the car over the life of the loan than you probably want to. However, you don't have to settle for a double-digit interest rate. Here are a couple of things you can do to reduce the rate you're charged to make you auto loan a little more affordable.

Three Realities About The Bonding Process

Few people expect a panicked call from a loved one with news of an arrest. Helping them might be the primary thought process in your head when you receive a call like that. You probably have already started the search for a bonding company that will help satisfy bond requirements laid out by the local court. However, be clear-minded enough to know these realities about the process. 1. Bonding Companies Can Say No

Arrested And Out On Bond? 3 Reasons You Should Never Jump Bail

If you've been arrested, and have recently posted bail, you need to do everything you can to uphold the orders you were given when bail was granted. Whether the charges against you were for a serious crime, or not, you're still required to obey all the bail orders while you're out of police custody. Failing to abide by those orders could end up costing you more than you anticipated. It's particularly important that you remain in town while on bail.

Four Reasons To Use A HELOC For Your Next Large Purchase

If you have a large purchase in your future, you may worry about how you are going to pay for it. Instead of taking out a new credit card or draining your savings account, consider taking out a home equity line of credit, also known as a HELOC. HELOCs have several advantages that make them ideal for financing large purchases. 1. You Can Use Your HELOC for Any Type of Expense

Could Crowdfunding Help You Gain The Necessary Down Payment For A Commercial Property?

If your online business has been a success despite your lack of storefront space, you may be excited at the prospects that can await you once you expand to have a more robust presence. However, affording a commercial property -- which often requires heftier down payments and a more rigorous documentation process than found with most residential mortgages -- can be challenging for even well-established businesses, providing a significant hurdle to entry.