3 Things to Do if Your Parent Gets Arrested

It is not uncommon for some individuals to encounter a life event involving the arrest of their parent(s). Adult children faced with this challenge may approach the situation in several ways. If they have never dealt with the criminal justice system, feelings of anxiety might surface. Everyone is entitled to have their cases go through the judicial system and choose to allow a judge or jury to decide their fate. An arrest does not always mean that an individual will get convicted. Sometimes cases get dismissed or reduced to less serious charges. 

When a parent is arrested, their adult children might find themselves temporarily needing to act in a responsible role. The following points identify things you should do if you ever experience this type of family problem.

1. Address Any Personal Responsibilities Your Parent Has

If your parent has any minor children who they have custody of, address their safety needs first. This might mean picking them up from school or a babysitter. Minors who are old enough to be home alone for short periods of time should be located to ensure that they are at home or in another safe place. Sometimes parents are responsible for the care of their aging parents. If this is the case, ensure that your grandparents are safe. Contacting their employer might also need to be done without disclosing the arrest.

2. Determine Charges and Bail Availability 

You can usually find this information out by calling the jail where your parent is located. This information is available online in some jurisdictions. Keep in mind that some felony offenses are not eligible for bail. Bail amounts are usually set by judges in a bond hearing. Several factors can affect the bail amount set. Some jurisdictions have preset bail amounts for certain single-charge misdemeanors such as driving on a suspended license. If that is the case, individuals can bond out of jail by posting bail without going before a judge. They will be given their court dates when they post bond. 

3. Posting a Bail Bond

You need to understand that posting bail for your parent will likely mean that you are taking on the responsibility of them going to their future court dates. There are different options for posting bail. Bail bond agencies are a common choice for most individuals. A percentage of the bail amount plus any applicable fees will need to be paid to the agency to get your parent out of jail. 

Choosing a bail bond agency is a wise choice if you have limited resources or do not want to put your assets up as collateral. If your parent misses court or absconds, the bail bonds process can be revoked. It can also be revoked if they get new charges pending the resolution of the case they got arrested for. 

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