Three Realities About The Bonding Process

Few people expect a panicked call from a loved one with news of an arrest. Helping them might be the primary thought process in your head when you receive a call like that. You probably have already started the search for a bonding company that will help satisfy bond requirements laid out by the local court. However, be clear-minded enough to know these realities about the process.

1. Bonding Companies Can Say No

Without experience or dealings with the criminal justice process in your own lifetime, one of the initial things you'll come to learn is that the first bonding company you give information to could just say no to helping your loved one. You may expect that you'll just choose a company and they will complete bail documents, but bonding companies take on those they have determined will not be flight risks. They need time to look into your loved one's arrest and case and could easily refuse it. For that reason, it's your responsibility to consult many bondsmen; don't sit waiting for one if you're serious about securing a release.

2. Your Loved One Puts You at Risk

No matter how fervently and deeply you believe in the innocence of the one you're getting bail for, understand that if you work on a bail agreement for them, you are now at risk if they flee. Before you offer up personal items or property for collateral, be aware that you could lose it all. Taking this seriously is essential. Read any agreement and ensure that your comprehension of the paperwork is accurate. Be sure you're willing to expose yourself to risk for your loved one.

3. Holding Facilities Don't Rush

Once you've gotten the bond, the bondsman has done their part and the court has approved it, the holding facility receives word that your loved one can be legally released. However, don't expect them to rush and do it. They have guidelines they must follow and they might take some hours or days to actually release them. Be patient and if you can talk with your loved one, assure them that everything has been done to get them out.

Knowing more about bonding and the process associated with it eliminates confusion and some stress about the situation. Being able to help someone with their bond can endear you to them, but going forward,ensure that you're in contact with the appropriate bondsman to be certain you're protecting yourself too. Visit a site like for more help.